TOGO: Sunna confirms €40m contract for solar streetlights in rural areas

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TOGO: Sunna confirms €40m contract for solar street lights in rural areas© Sunna Design

The French company Sunna Design has signed a contract with the Togolese government for public lighting in rural areas via 50,000 solar street lamps. The value of this contract is 40 million euros financed by France.

This is confirmed. The French company Sunna Design will implement a public lighting project in Togo under a public-private partnership (PPP). The contract was signed on the side-lines of the official visit of Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé in April 2021 in Paris, France. The company based in Blanquefort (in southwest France) has thus committed itself to the Togolese authorities for the installation of 50,000 solar street lamps in rural areas.

As part of the contract, Sunna Design will receive funding from the French Treasury. The company, headed by Thomas Samuel, plans to deploy its solar streetlights in 24 months. These street lighting kits will be deployed in 12,000 villages, benefiting 1.5 million people.

At least 12 years of maintenance

“Street lighting networks help improve the living conditions of rural communities and strengthen the economy by facilitating the transport of people and goods, pedestrian traffic, night work and drastically reducing road accident rates and insecurity,” explains Sunna Design. The company plans to deploy in priority localities, identified and previously selected through a census of rural infrastructures.

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After the installation phase, Sunna Design is committed to ensuring the maintenance of its solar street lamps for a period of 12 years. The signing of this contract is part of the Cizo rural electrification project. This initiative, which covers the entire Togolese territory, aims to accelerate the electrification of rural areas by providing individual solar kits at affordable costs to more than 2 million citizens, approximately 300,000 households.

One of the essential elements of the Cizo project is the monitoring of the quality of the products and services distributed to the populations. This is why the Togolese Agency for Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy (AT2ER) has previously studied and validated the public lighting solution proposed by Sunna Design. Also, as part of the Cizo project, all kits must be equipped with mobile technology allowing for remote monitoring. As part of its contract, Sunna Design will use streetlights from its iSSL+ range that work with the “Sunnap” connected technology.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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