TOGO: Kara University launches three masters’ degrees on environmental issues

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The President of the University of Kara in Togo has launched three Master's degrees focusing on environmental issues. Water and sanitation, environmental chemistry and renewable energies are the three new sectors proposed. The beginning of the school year is scheduled for November 11, 2019.

The second batch of students enrolled in a master’s degree in Water and Sanitation at the University of Kara in Togo starts classes on the 11th of November 2019. This training, which will be followed by two others on environmental chemistry and renewable energies, will be provided at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Kara. A total of three Master’s degrees are being launched to allow students to explore three key areas of the environment.

The first master’s degree offer will allow students to train in the water and sanitation sector. For two years, learners will be equipped with skills to manage and treat solid and liquid waste. They will also be able to design and implement individual and collective sanitation systems, develop and conduct sanitation and drinking water production projects. More importantly, these students, who will then be sanitation professionals, will be able to assist policy makers in the development of national public policies on sanitation. The training costs amount to 452 euros per year. Each learner will have to pay an additional 228 euros for laboratory costs (this amount is valid for both years of training.)

The second research master’s degree is available in the field of physics and applications, renewable energy and housing. The training will equip students on topics related to RE. The diploma obtained will serve as a gateway for them to carry out doctoral theses in this discipline at Togolese and foreign universities. The profiles required for this discipline are those of students with a bachelor’s degree in physics or a related subject.

The third discipline in which Togolese and foreign students can receive training concerns environmental chemistry. Students enrolled in this master’s degree will learn organic, inorganic and statistical chemistry. This knowledge will enable them to develop physicochemical and microbiological analysis techniques for natural and polluted environments. They will also conduct similar analyses on solid, liquid and gaseous waste treatment processes. In addition to the possibility of carrying out a doctoral thesis after the master’s degree, learners may work as managers of audit and environmental assessment firms, advisors to the technical management departments of local authorities, etc. The Master’s degree is open to holders of a degree in chemistry, environmental chemistry and physical sciences. The full cost of the training for the Masters in Environmental Chemistry and Renewable Energy is 152 euros per year. However, there are research laboratory access fees of €228 valid for the two years of training.

For these three masters courses, the training will be carried out in four semesters of theoretical and practical courses with a professional internship in Togo or abroad.

Luchelle Feukeng

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