SOUTH AFRICA: The future of electric mobility to be discussed in March

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SOUTH AFRICA: The future of electric mobility to be discussed in March ©Melting Spot/Shutterstock

The city of Johannesburg will host an electric mobility exhibition in South Africa on March 31 and April 1, 2020. The event which also involves the rest of Africa will welcome visitors and stakeholders of the electric car market.

Developing electric mobility in South Africa. This will be the primary objective of Electric Vehicles Show Africa 2020, which the city of Johannesburg will host on the 31st of March and 1st April. It is a show that will broaden thinking to the rest of the African continent. In South Africa, electric mobility is still making its way through a difficult path in an ecosystem dominated by highly polluting cars.

For the time being, investments are focused on the installation of electric car charging stations. These investments are made exclusively by the private sector. One of the objectives of the Johannesburg show is to encourage the South African government to support initiatives aimed at developing electric mobility, in particular by encouraging the manufacture of batteries for electric cars.

The Electric Vehicles Show Africa 2020 will welcome 8,000 visitors from all over the world. They will be able to discover an exhibition on the best technologies and solutions for electric vehicles or take part in a seminar on electric vehicles. It will also be an opportunity to take part in discussions on innovation in electric vehicles, the impact of these cars on electricity and infrastructure (roads) demand, and more broadly the impact of electric mobility in Africa.

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