SOUTH AFRICA: “Packa-Ching” initiative awarded for its impact on pollution

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SOUTH AFRICA: "Packa-Ching" initiative awarded for its impact on pollution©ImagineStock/Shutterstock

Enviropedia delivers the results of the Eco-Logic Awards which support sustainable development projects around the world. Among the winning projects of the 2021 edition, "Packa-Ching". The initiative implemented in South Africa by Polyco (Polyolefin Responsibility Organization) promotes the recovery of plastic waste.

The Polyolefin Responsibility Organization (Polyco) has come out on top in the “Recycling and Circular Economy” category at the Eco-Logic Awards with its “Packa-Ching” initiative. With financial support from Shoprite and Sasol, the South African polyolefin packaging waste recycling solutions provider is encouraging people to take environmentally responsible actions to reduce plastic pollution.

Winning the award gives Polyco automatic access to a network of other environmental leaders, professionals and innovators to inspire and exchange ideas with.

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To date, the “Packa-Ching” initiative has collected more than 3.8 million kilograms of recyclable waste in the southern African country. This waste is sent to suitable recycling units. “Communities provide their waste in exchange for “kilorands”, which are paid for directly on their cell phones, which they can then use at selected outlets. This process allows South Africans to understand that their waste has value,” explains Megan Swart, Packa-Ching’s operations manager. More than $3 million has already been donated to residents in 79 communities and schools in South Africa.

The Eco-Logic Awards are based on 10 other categories, including nature conservation, climate change, water conservation, eco-friendly lifestyle, eco-hospitality and tourism, and more. The competition has been held since 2011.

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