SOUTH AFRICA: Kudoti wins Nestlé waste management award

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The Nestlé Group has awarded South African start-up Kudoti for its innovative waste management solution. The winner of the Nestlé Shared Value competition will receive USD 40 000 from the Swiss multinational.

Kudoti’s waste management solution was unanimously accepted by the jury of the 2021 Nestlé Shared Value (CVS) competition. The results of this international competition were recently unveiled by the Swiss multinational Nestlé, which specialises in the food industry. The start-up will receive $40,000 and online resources from Ashoka, an organisation that supports social entrepreneurs around the world.

Kudoti and EcoAct also have the opportunity to participate in workshops organised by Nestlé, as well as a mentoring programme. “Nestlé wants a greener landscape. Through these awards, we will identify and empower market disruptors in the hope of accelerating a waste-free future,” says Saint-Francis Tohlang, Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (Esar) Communications and Public Affairs Manager.

Innovative solutions

South African start-up Kudoti facilitates the management of recyclable waste through a digital platform. The platform enables direct collaboration across the network, matches supply and demand for recyclable waste in real time and identifies investment needs, making recycling convenient, rewarding and profitable. Kudoti also uses its solution to raise awareness about the negative impact of waste disposal on the environment. The nugget is co-founded by South African Matthieu de Gaudemar. Kudoti is one of two African start-ups to have participated in the 2021 Nestlé Shared Value Award.

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EcoAct, a Tanzanian start-up, transforms plastic waste (cans, bags, bottles, etc.) into construction beams. In 2019, the Tanzanian start-up founded by Christian Mwijage was already producing 70 beams per day, cheaper than wooden beams. Through his start-up, the young entrepreneur is contributing to the fight against plastic waste pollution in Tanzania. The East African country produces 14 800 tonnes of waste per day, 48% of which is plastic waste. EcoAct also aims to combat deforestation. It is this double commitment that has enabled it to be awarded the Grand Prix de l’Innovation Urbaine 2019 by Le Monde, in the “habitat” category.

In total, five start-ups received the Nestlé prize this year. The competition, launched 10 years ago, aims to increase the participation of young companies in solving social and environmental problems around the world.

Inès Magoum

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