SOUTH AFRICA: Joint venture to build two battery recycling plants

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In South Africa, two companies are joining forces to build and operate two waste lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling plants. The two companies are South Africa's Tabono Investments and ACE Green Recycling, a US-based recycling platform.

Tabono Investments and ACE Green Recycling will use their mutual expertise to strengthen the lead-acid and lithium-ion battery waste management system in South Africa. To this end, the two partners will launch a joint venture with the aim of reducing the amount of used lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries going to landfill. The joint venture will be 51% owned by ACE Green Recycling and 49% owned by Tabono Investments.

The joint venture will set up two plants dedicated to recycling this hazardous waste in South Africa. The new facilities will separately process and recycle lead-acid batteries (found in thermal vehicles or computers) and lithium-ion batteries (from electric vehicles and laptops), using ACE Green Recycling’s proprietary technology that creates zero Scope 1 emissions by operating without fossil fuel-based heating.

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ACE Green Recycling will contribute its lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling technologies. The investment company Tabono will contribute its experience in the minerals and industrial services sectors.

The joint venture will also operate the future recycling facilities, which will produce reusable batteries that are less harmful than traditional batteries. While these lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are essential, they are also hazardous to the environment and human health. This hazardous waste can cause memory loss, but also damage to the cardiovascular system. In pregnant women, this exposure can cause miscarriages and premature deliveries.

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