SOUTH AFRICA: Electrolux and PowerOptimal join forces for solar water heaters

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SOUTH AFRICA: Electrolux and PowerOptimal join forces for solar water heaters©kostasgr/Shutterstock

An agreement has recently been signed between Electrolux Africa, the subsidiary of Swedish household appliances giant Electrolux, and PowerOptimal, a supplier of energy solutions. The two partners will market solar water heaters for households in South Africa.

In South Africa, energy solutions provider PowerOptimal has joined forces with the South African subsidiary of global appliance giant Electrolux. The partnership aims to market solar-powered electric water heaters. Specifically, PowerOptimal’s “Elon” solar photovoltaic water heating technology will be sold alongside Electrolux’s “Kwikot Superline” electric water heaters.

“With the deployment of the “Elon” range, a customer can add solar capacity to most standard electric water heaters without the need for an inverter or battery,” explains Richard Fearon, CEO of PowerOptimal. According to the South African-based company, its “Elon” system allows direct use of the DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar modules to heat water using a standard electric geyser with an AC heating element and an AC thermostat.

The system does not require the use of a solar inverter and batteries for electricity storage. According to PowerOptimal, the equipment also requires little maintenance. An alternative that reduces purchase and installation costs. The “Elan” solar water heating system “can be used by building developers to comply with standards that require at least 50% of the annual water heating needs for all new buildings to come from a source other than the electrical grid,” says PowerOptimal.

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