SEYCHELLES: Gridworks and SPS train solar industry professionals

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SEYCHELLES: Gridworks and SPS train solar industry professionals ©Koucyk/Shutterstock

In the Seychelles, the government is focusing on training to accelerate the deployment of solar power systems in the archipelago. A training programme has been launched in partnership with investor Gridworks and solar energy provider Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS).

The Seychelles government wants to increase the share of renewable energy in the East African island nation’s electricity mix to 15% by 2030. Solar energy is easy to produce and cheaper to install. As part of its energy policy, the Seychelles government plans to focus on training professionals in the solar industry.

This is the aim of the programme that was recently launched in partnership with Gridworks. The British International Investment (BII) company will implement the training programme with the support of solar energy provider Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS), with whom it is already collaborating in the implementation of numerous clean energy projects in Seychelles.

UK support

This renewable energy training programme is another example of the partnership between Britain and Seychelles to tackle climate change and move towards energy transition. By providing Seychellois with the skills to work in the fast-growing solar energy sector, we are helping local experts move the country away from expensive and polluting fuels and opening up opportunities for employment and economic growth in local communities,” said Patrick Lynch, the British High Commissioner to the Seychelles, at the launch ceremony of the training programme.

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The ceremony was also attended by several members of the Seychelles government, including the Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change and Energy, Flavien Joubert. The programme, which will start as early as June 2022, will cover key principles, including photovoltaic (PV) system components and their functions, best practices for installation, and operation and maintenance. The first course will focus on on-grid systems (embedded generation), with a second more advanced course offered three months later. The second course will cover off-grid systems, including battery storage technology.

The capacity building programme will target technicians with an electrical background, engineers (electrical, electronic, mechanical or similar) or students with a strong interest in working in the solar energy sector in Seychelles. Subsequent courses are expected to focus on financial training for officials from the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) and the Seychelles Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade.

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