SENEGAL: The “Wash Tech Incub” programme supports innovation in the water sector

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SENEGAL: The "Wash Tech Incub" programme supports innovation in the water sector©Concree

Fruit d’un partenariat entre Concree, un incubateur d’entrepreneurs et de petites et moyennes entreprises (PME), et le ministère sénégalais de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement, le programme « Wash Tech Incub » est lancé au Sénégal. L’initiative a pour but de promouvoir un « entrepreneuriat innovant » dans les secteurs de l’eau et l’assainissement.

In Senegal, entrepreneurs are invited to develop start-up ideas in the water and sanitation sectors. This call follows the launch of the “Wash Tech Incub” programme by Concree on 9 May 2023. The Senegalese Ministry of Water and Sanitation recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Concree, requesting its expertise as an incubator for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

As part of this partnership, Concree will support future start-ups addressing water and sanitation sector issues with a full range of support, from ideation to validation of the business model of future innovations. “The first concrete action of the programme will be to identify and support innovations that address flooding issues. The call for innovation will be launched at the beginning of June 2023,” says Babacar Birane, Concree’s CEO.

In August 2022, for example, many schools and homes in Saint-Louis were submerged by water, particularly in the districts of Pikine Guinaw Ray, Sor Diagne, Tableau Walo, Diaminar, Darou, and Médina Courses in Saint-Louis. Applicants may be researchers in Senegal and in the diaspora, graduate students, entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector and support.

The “Wash Tech Incub” programme also aims to foster collaboration between the State and start-ups to accelerate the development of innovations in the key sector of water, sanitation and hygiene in Senegal. “For a start-up, collaborating with public organisations such as the Ministry of Water and Sanitation would be interesting, as they have in-depth sectoral skills and expertise that could be made available to them for the secure and large-scale development of their solutions,” says Babacar Birane, Concree’s CEO.

Inès Magoum

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