SENEGAL: Proplast launches “Récuplast” against plastic waste pollution

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SENEGAL: Proplast launches "Récuplast" against plastic waste pollution©Proplast

Proplast Industrie, a Senegalese company specializing in plastic waste recycling, has set up a network for the collection and sale of plastic waste and recycling by-products in Senegal. The initiative is called "Récuplast".

It is called “Creating a circular economy around plastic in Senegal”.  This is the objective of Proplast Industrie, a Senegalese company specializing in plastic recycling. The company recently set up “Récuplast”, a system for collecting and selling plastic waste and products from recycling. The project will help protect the environment by reducing the proliferation of plastic waste in Senegalese streets. “The initiative will also help to fight unemployment and poverty, through the creation of activities in the field of recovery and recycling of plastic waste through the establishment of ‘Récuplast Points’ to allow the marketing of plastics for reuse in the industrial sector,” explains Diagne Macoumba, the coordinator of “Récuplast”.

More than 100 tons of plastic waste purchased each month

Initially, Proplast Industrie will purchase more than 100 tons of plastic waste each month through about twenty “Récuplast” kiosks, installed in the districts of Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Special bins have also been set up in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to recover plastic water bottles, which are often found in the wild. “The Senegalese also have the possibility to request home collection, starting from 25 kg of plastic waste, says Proplast Industrie. We buy 1 kg of plastic waste for 75 CFA francs (more than 0.11 euros).”

The plastic waste collected is transformed into granules and then used to make products such as basins, chairs, baskets, etc… “These are economical, ecological and sustainable products that we sell at unbeatable prices,” says Proplast Industrie.

Inès Magoum

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