SÃO TOME-ET-PRINCIPE: $12 million from IDA for renewable energy development

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SÃO TOME-ET-PRINCIPE: $12 million from IDA for renewable energy development©FooTToo/Shutterstock

The International Development Association (IDA), a subsidiary of the World Bank Group, has provided a $12 million loan to finance a renewable energy generation and power supply reliability improvement project in São Tomé and Principe.

The archipelago of São Tomé and Príncipe is benefiting from new financing for the development of renewable energy. The International Development Association (IDA) has recently allocated $12 million to this Central African country. The loan will be used to finance the Power Sector Recovery Project, which aims to increase renewable energy production and improve the reliability of electricity supply.

On the ground, the government intends to rehabilitate the Contador hydropower plant. This is a run-of-river plant, which does not depend on a dam for its operation. Contador has been in operation for more than 50 years with a capacity of 2.2 MW. Its rehabilitation and extension will increase its capacity to 3.2 MW. Construction will begin by June 2020 and will be located 5 km from the village of Neves in the northwest of São Tomé Island. The works will be carried out on a mountainous site with access to the canal and water intakes considered difficult by some observers. In any case, the hydroelectric power station is expected to be back in operation as early as 2022.

The Power Sector Recovery Project will also provide 200,000 LED light bulbs (low consumption, editor’s note) and 46,500 LED tubes for the archipelago. The project will support institutional reform and planning in the electricity sector. The objective of this other component is to strengthen the capacity of the staff of the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency. This public body will actively participate in the development of future renewable energy projects in São Tomé and Príncipe.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is also supporting the Power Sector Rehabilitation Project in this Central African island country.

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