NIGERIA: Jinko Solar partners with Palette to store 50 MWh of clean energy

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NIGERIA: Jinko Solar partners with Palette to store 50 MWh of clean energy© petrmalinak/Shutterstock

Chinese company JinkoSolar has announced a partnership with Palette Business Solutions, a company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The partnership aims to distribute 50 MWh of electricity storage systems in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

JinkoSolar is investing in electricity storage in Nigeria. The Shanghai, China-based company has signed an agreement with Nigerian company Palette Business Solutions. As part of the partnership, the Nigerian company will distribute Jinko Solar’s electricity storage systems. The company led by Xiande Li offers a storage technology based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP).

The system consists of batteries pre-installed in a container. The two partners want to distribute 50 MWh of storage capacity in Nigeria. This West African country has become one of the epicentres of electrification via solar energy in recent years, notably thanks to the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) implemented with the support of the World Bank and private companies.

The second storage partnership in Africa

JinkoSolar’s electricity storage systems are necessary for the optimal operation of off-grid solar systems deployed in rural areas. “Our distribution network in Nigeria consists of committed dealers, professional installers and a competent support team. Palette started its operations in 2010 to combat the devastating effects of climate change and strives to raise awareness of the use of solar energy through its distribution of clean, uninterrupted electricity to rural and urban communities,” explains Charles Onyealisi Mezu, the Managing Director of Palette.

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In Nigeria, solar energy is also becoming more popular in the cities and is particularly used by businesses to reduce their electricity bills or as an alternative to load shedding. This problem also exists in other sub-Saharan African countries. This is why JinkoSolar and Palette want to extend their partnership to other countries.

In order to accelerate the distribution of its LFP electricity storage solution in Africa, the Chinese company also concluded a partnership a few weeks ago with Must for the distribution of 100 MWh of storage systems to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers and for residential use.

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