NIGERIA: Dulas to supply 780 solar-powered vaccine refrigerators

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NIGERIA: Dulas to supply 780 solar-powered vaccine refrigerators:©Dulas

The solar refrigeration company Dulas, based in Machynlleth in Wales (United Kingdom) has won the contract to supply solar-powered vaccine refrigerators to Nigeria. Dulas will install 780 refrigerators in healthcare facilities in this West African country.

The government of Nigeria has finally chosen Dulas to supply solar-powered vaccine refrigerators to the country. The solar refrigeration company, based in Machynlleth, Wales (UK), was selected from the list of approved suppliers by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), following a call for tenders issued by the Nigerian Ministry of Health.

Dulas will supply 780 solar-powered vaccine refrigerators to hospitals in Nigeria. This equipment should enable healthcare institutions to better store vaccines and guarantee a better quality of care for their patients.

A project supported by the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi)

Dulas refrigerators operate at ambient temperatures between 5 and 45 degrees centigrade. The facilities are equipped with Dulas remote monitors that send SME alerts and emails “if the temperature varies from the specified range”. The Dulas refrigerators, which are manufactured in Great Britain, will be delivered in two stages. Before the end of 2020, the cold solutions provider will deliver the first two batches of refrigerators. The third delivery is scheduled for early 2021. Fenlab, Dulas’ local partner in Nigeria, will take care of the installation.

“The refrigerators we are supplying are essential to support the Vaccine Alliance’s ambition to eradicate disease through routine immunization programme. Our refrigerators will ensure that local people across Nigeria have access to these vital vaccines,” said Ruth Chapman, Managing Director of Dulas. The Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) is partially funding the solar-powered vaccine refrigerator project in Nigeria through its cold chain equipment optimization program. Gavi, which brings together 25 countries, has already saved more than 13 million lives by vaccinating 760 million children since its creation in 2000.

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