NIGERIA: Acob obtains a grant from REA for hybrid solar mini-grids

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NIGERIA: Acob obtains a grant from REA for hybrid solar mini-grids© Acob Lighting

The Nigerian company Acob Lighting has signed for a grant from the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria (REA). The funding will enable the electrification of 2,000 households via Hybrid Solar Mini-Grids.

Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has signed a new performance-based grant (PBG) agreement with a mini-grid supplier. Acob Lighting, which benefits from this funding mechanism, is committed to providing access to electricity to 2,000 households in four rural communities via Hybrid Solar Mini-Grids.

The grant is obtained under the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) led by REA with funding from the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB). The REA also awarded a PBG a few days ago to Renewvia Energy Corporation and PowerGen Renewable Energy for the electrification of the villages of Ekong Anaku, Balep, Opu, Bendeghe-Afi in Cross River State and Obokwu Ozuzu in Rivers State. The same services will benefit the villages of Dacitagi, Dukugi, Sa’Achi Nku, Ebangi, Sosa, Gbade, Kpange, Jikanegi and Lagun in Niger State.

Beyond NEP, Acob Lighting believes that the grant it has just obtained supports its development objectives in Nigeria. The Abuja-based company has ambitions to build 100 Hybrid Solar Mini-Grids in rural areas over the next five years. The company has already started its project with numerous installations inaugurated in Nigeria.

A few weeks ago, Acob Lighting commissioned a mini-grid consisting of a 100 kWp photovoltaic solar power plant, a battery storage system and a distribution network. The installation provides electricity to households in the village of Olooji in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Jean Marie Takouleu 

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