NAMIBIA: Energy China to Build 50 MW Wind Farm near Lüderitz

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NAMIBIA: Energy China to build 50 MW wind farm near Lüderitz© NamPower

In Namibia, independent power producer (IPP) Cerim Lüderitz Energy has signed the necessary agreements for the development of the Lüderitz wind project with the state-owned company NamPower. The project involves the construction of a 50 MW wind farm.

Namibia will have a new wind farm within a few months. This is the aim of the agreements recently signed between NamPower, the state-owned electricity company, and Cerim Lüderitz Energy, a joint venture between the giant China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) and the Namibian company Riminii Investments. The special purpose company has therefore signed the 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) and the transmission connection agreement (TCA).

Under the agreement, the state-owned NamPower will purchase the entire output of Cerim Lüderitz Energy. The company will build a 50 MW wind farm 16 km from the southern city of Lüderitz in the ǁKaras region on the Atlantic Ocean within 27 months. The project will require an investment of N$1.4 billion, or US$76.6 million.

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Ceris will finance, build, operate and maintain the wind farm, which is expected to begin commercial operations in 2025. “The project will make a significant contribution to NamPower’s supply portfolio when combined with other generation projects that are part of its integrated strategy and business plan,” says Kahenge Haulofu, NamPower’s managing director.

Above all, the wind farm will enable Namibia to reduce its electricity imports. The southern African country obtains 60% of its electricity from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa, which are currently experiencing an energy crisis. The Lüderitz wind project is being developed as part of NamPower’s Integrated Strategic and Business Plan (ISBP) for the period 2020-2025. This strategy includes the development of the country’s installed electricity capacity through renewable energy. Currently, seven clean energy plants are connected to Namibia’s national power grid with a combined capacity of 76.5 MW.

Jean Marie Takouleu


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