MOZAMBIQUE: Fipag re-launches the Chilembene drinking water plant after its extension

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MOZAMBIQUE: Fipag re-launches the Chilembene drinking water plant after its extension©Bradley D. Saum/Shutterstock

The drinking water plant in Chilembene, in the southern province of Gaza, is operational. The plant was recently put back into service by the government of Mozambique, after rehabilitation and extension works.

The Chilembene drinking water plant in the southern province of Gaza in Mozambique is operational again. The commissioning of the plant was the subject of an inauguration ceremony presided over by the Head of State Filipe Jacinto Nyusi.

The rehabilitated plant has a capacity of 4,300 m3 of water per day compared to 80 m3 per day a few years ago. The water treated in the plant is pumped into the Limpopo River. Drinking water is distributed to the population via 36 km long pipes. A total of 32,000 inhabitants will be supplied with drinking water in the city of Chilembene, compared with 12,200 before the renovation project was implemented. According to the authorities, this drinking water treatment plant will operate 24 hours a day, compared with 15 hours a day in previous years.

An investment of 151 million Mozambican meticais

The Chilembene drinking water plant owned by the Mozambique government’s Investment and Asset Fund for Water Supply (Fipag) was rehabilitated for approximately two years (February 2019-September 2020). The work cost the state 151 million Mozambican meticals, or approximately $2.1 million.

This project is a component of a vast drinking water supply program launched by the government of this East African country in October 2018 and called Pravida (Water for Life Program). With a total cost of 4.8 billion Mozambican meticais (approximately $67 million), it aims to set up water supply facilities capable of producing 1.2 million m3 per day for the benefit of more than one million people in several regions of Mozambique.

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