MOROCCO: Arma goes electric for waste collection in Rabat

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MOROCCO : Arma goes electric for waste collection in Rabat © Volvo

Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Swedish carmaker Volvo, specializing in heavy-duty trucks, is delivering an electric dump truck to Arma, the company responsible for waste management in Rabat, Morocco. This first delivery confirms the decarbonization ambitions of this North African country.

This is a first in Morocco. Arma, the company that provides waste management in the capital Rabat, is acquiring an electric truck to strengthen its fleet. The zero-emission vehicle was recently delivered by Volvo Trucks, the subsidiary of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, which specializes in heavy trucks. It is a Volvo FE Electric model, a three-axle truck with a total rolling weight of 27 tons.

According to Volvo, its truck already marketed in Europe has a power of 330 kW with a range of 200 km. “By replacing the existing Volvo FE diesel truck with a Volvo FE Electric on a typical route, about 30 tons of CO2 could be saved each year,” Volvo Trucks estimates.

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“By taking a step towards the electrification of our truck fleet, Arma is reducing its carbon footprint, demonstrating once again our commitment to the environment. Our intentions are clear: we will continue to invest in innovations that help reduce emissions and preserve the environment,” says Youssef Ahizoune, Arma’s president and CEO.

This model could be of interest to other waste management companies in the Kingdom of Morocco. Unlike some African countries where waste management is the responsibility of a single parastatal organization, in Morocco this service is the responsibility of local authorities. This system has encouraged the emergence of local companies that manage waste in several cities. This is the case of Ozone Environnement & Services, which manages waste in Fez and Guelmin. For its part, Mohammedia SOS (SOS NDD) provides this essential service in the cities of Mohammedia, located 25 km from Casablanca, and Oujda in northeast Morocco.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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