MOROCCO: a call for tenders for the monitoring of waste management in Marrakech

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MOROCCO: a call for tenders for the monitoring of waste management in Marrakech ©Tenkl/Shutterstock

As part of the National Programme for the Management of Household and Similar Waste (PNDM) in Morocco, the municipal authorities of Marrakech are launching an invitation to tender. The initiative aims to select a technical assistant to carry out the technological control of waste collection and sorting in the arteries of this tourist city.

In Morocco, the municipality of Marrakech is looking for a technical assistant to monitor waste management contracts in this city of over one million inhabitants. The call for tenders stipulates that the selected technical assistant will have to carry out monitoring in the field, in the parks and on the premises of the delegatees, including their transfer platforms.

According to the mayor of Marrakech and also the Minister of National Planning, Urban Development, Housing and Urban Policy in Morocco, “he will use the platforms dedicated to the digital monitoring of the services provided, including the removal of graffiti and illegal posters,” says Fatima Ezzahra Mansouri.

To put it plainly, the successful bidder will collaborate with the Moroccan companies Arma and Mecomar, which have been in charge of collecting household waste and cleaning the streets of Marrakech since January 2021. With a public budget of 280 million Moroccan dirhams (26.4 million euros), the two companies operate in the districts of Gueliz, Palmeraie, Medina and Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, as well as in El-Manara.

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This call for tenders comes three years after the inauguration of the waste sorting and recovery centre in the city of Marrakech. It was built in 2019 by the company Ecomed Marrakech, the subsidiary of the American group Ecomed, specialised in waste management. The facility covers an area of 10,629 m2 and has a capacity of 280,500 tonnes per year, at a total cost of €5.5 million (more than 58 million Moroccan dirhams). The facility has two ponds for the treatment of leachate, a highly concentrated liquid fraction that runs off the waste.

For more information on the tender, click here.

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