MOROCCO: 2,500 charging stations to be installed by 2026

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MOROCCO: 2,500 charging stations to be installed by 2026© Energy Federation of Morocco

In Morocco, companies in the electricity and automotive sectors have given the green light to the intersectoral professional association for electric mobility (APIME) to install 2,500 charging stations for electric vehicles over the next three years. The initiative will contribute to the development of sustainable transport in the Cherifian Kingdom.

Only a few weeks after its creation, the intersectoral professional association for electric mobility (APIME) announced the deployment of 2,500 new charging stations for electric vehicles in Morocco by 2026. These facilities, which will be distributed in the main Moroccan cities including Casablanca, Tangier and the capital Rabat, will promote the massive import of electric cars.

According to the director of Interworld Africa, the aim is to make Morocco an exemplary country in terms of ecological mobility in Africa. “As a result, the share of electric vehicles imported into Morocco will increase. This means that car importers must adapt to the trend and increased demands for green mobility and energy,” explains Omar Magoul.

The initiative supported by the National Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable Energy (FENELEC) is also one of the main lines of the National Plan for Electric Mobility developed by the National Office of Water and Electricity (ONEE) of Morocco. This plan aims to reduce air pollution while the transport sector generates 40% of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions within the Cherifian kingdom according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) based in Paris, France.

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A few months ago, Moroccan company Vital Auto Parts, which specializes in the import and distribution of automotive equipment, signed an agreement with Spanish supplier Wallbox Chargers to market 50 charging stations for electric vehicles in the North African kingdom. These installations will be accompanied by digital solutions, including a mobile application for monitoring the consumption data of electric vehicle drivers.

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