MAURITIUS: Vantage Capital invests $10 million in “Smart Village” in Cap Tamarin

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MAURITIUS: Vantage Capital invests $10 million in “Smart Village” in Cap Tamarin ©Karl Ahnee /Shutterstock

The $10 million promised by Vantage Capital Fund Manager will boost the “Smart and Happy Village” project in Tamarin, a village in western Mauritius.

Ten million dollars is the sum that the Vantage Capital Fund Manager, South Africa’s largest mezzanine fund manager created in 2001, which currently manages assets of 500 million dollars (11 billion rand), has decided to inject into the “Smart and Happy Village” project in Tamarin. This money will give a boost to the construction of intelligent and ecological houses in this coastal village that is very popular with tourists. The transaction took place between Cap Tamarin Ltd, the Mauritian subsidiary of Vantage Capital and Trimetys (a real estate company) which manages the project. Since its first real estate project in 1998, Trimetys has developed various projects in Mauritius, including hotels, sports centres, a shopping centre and a school, as well as the construction of over 300 residential units.

Intelligent Buildings and Sustainable Infrastructure

Cap Tamarin Ltd is responsible for creating a city of work and entertainment spaces. All these infrastructures will combine technology, artificial intelligence and ecology. Tamarin has recently received the “Smart City Scheme” certification from the Mauritian government, awarded to cities on the island where artificial intelligence is included in development, allowing for example decongestion in traffic.

In time, the “Smart and Happy Village” project will extend over 400,000 m2 and will include residential units consisting of a combination of apartments, residences for the elderly (non-medicalised and medicalised), villas and single-family homes. A landscaped park of 40 000 m2 facilitating the direct access of the populations to the beach and the Tamarin lagoon.

Tamarin will also benefit from a full range of public services such as schools, a smart citizen advice office, a post office and cultural and innovation centres. The innovation centre will be used by start-ups, SMEs and research institutes to stimulate innovative projects. This project will also extend to existing commercial spaces.

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