MADAGASCAR: Colas inaugurates a solar system (148 kWp) in its Ambokatra quarry

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MADAGASCAR: Colas inaugurates a solar system (148 kWp) in its Ambokatra quarry© Colas Madagascar

Colas Madagascar, a subsidiary of the French group Bouygues, is inaugurating a solar photovoltaic power plant built in its Ambokatra quarry. Equipped with a battery storage system, the system was installed in partnership with Green Energy Solutions (GES).

Colas Madagascar now relies on photovoltaic solar energy to power its Ambokatra quarry, located in Tamatave, in the east of the island. This is thanks to a power plant recently inaugurated in the presence of senior officials from Colas, a subsidiary of the French group Bouygues. Ambokatra is the main quarry that supplies building materials in Madagascar.

The small power plant was installed by Green Energy Solutions (GES), a joint venture between the Malagasy group Axian and the energy company GreenYellow, a subsidiary of the French group Casino. The small plant is equipped with 200 photovoltaic solar panels and other related equipment that are connected to a battery storage system installed in two containers.

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The whole system works with a thermal power plant consisting of diesel generators capable of supplying 600 kW. In accordance with the 7-year contract signed with Colas Madagascar in 2021, GES has financed the entire project. Colas therefore only pays an electricity bill issued by its partner.

This project, which is entering its operational phase, is the result of a long-term partnership between the Axian Group and GreenYellow. This collaboration has already resulted in several clean energy projects in Madagascar. Most recently, the two partners completed the expansion of the Ambatolampy solar power plant from 20 to 40 MWp. This installation, located 65 km from the capital Tananarive, injects electricity into the network of the public company Jiro sy rano malagasy (JIRAMA).

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