LESOTHO: a drinking water supply project will benefit five towns

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LESOTHO: a drinking water supply project will benefit five towns©Dziorek Rafal/Shutterstock

In Lesotho, the government is launching a new drinking water supply project. The initiative, which will cover five towns, is funded by the Saudi Fund for Development (SDF).

A new drinking water project is being implemented in Lesotho. The government of the southern African country has just started work on the project. The aim is to meet the drinking water needs of thousands of people in five cities. The identity of the cities will be known as the work progresses.

The water supply project will also mitigate the effects of drought, particularly in the agricultural sector, with a direct impact on farmers’ yields.

SDF funding

In addition, food insecurity will be significantly reduced in Lesotho. The future facilities include 210 kilometres of pipelines and 25 pumping stations that will support existing stations in the country. Raw water will be transported to treatment units via a linear pipeline and then distributed to the population. The delivery date of the various facilities has not been specified.

The government of Lesotho will rely on $11.2 million in financing to implement the drinking water project. The loan was provided by the Saudi Fund for Development (SDF).

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At the same time in Lesotho, the government is implementing similar projects with funding from other development partners. The ongoing Butha-Buthe District Water System Upgrade and Extension Project is funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) to the tune of $20 million. The Lesotho authorities estimate that the future facility will provide 9,000 m3 of drinking water per day until 2045.

This project developed in Butha-Buthe will also reduce cases of waterborne diseases and diseases caused by water pollution by 50%.

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