KENYA: Water supply system comes on stream in Naivasha Industrial Park

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KENYA: Water supply system comes on stream in Naivasha Industrial Park©Presidency of the Republic of Kenya

A new system is supplying water to the Naivasha Industrial Park in Suswa, Narok County, Kenya. The system, inaugurated by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, will supply water to the Inland Container Depot (ICD) and the Special Economic Zone.

Naivasha Industrial Park has a new water supply system. On 26 July 2022, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Suswa town in Narok County to inaugurate the water supply. The Rift Valley Water Works Devpt Agency, appointed by the Kenyan government, carried out all the work. The work included the construction of five large boreholes, the laying of pipes, storage tanks, the installation of pumps and the construction of kiosks to supply the local communities.

The new facilities will supply water to the Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Naivasha. The 45,000 square metre facility was inaugurated following the commissioning of the water supply. It is a dry port that facilitates the transport and handling of goods in Kenya by reducing congestion at the port of Mombasa, the Nairobi DCI and on the roads, with an installed capacity of 2 million tonnes per year.

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The Naivasha Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will also receive continuous water through the new system. The SEZ covers an area of about 405 hectares.

In addition to water supply, the project improves wastewater management in the Naivasha SEZ and DCI, including reticulation and effluent disposal systems. The entire project required an investment of 1 billion Kenyan shillings, or about US$8.42 million.

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