KENYA: The purpose of the new Kajiado Green Certificate on Water Conversation

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KENYA: The purpose of the new Kajiado Green Certificate on Water Conversation©celipuram gopichander/Shutterstock

The Ngong Hills Mbagathi Water Users Association (WRUA) is launching the Green Certificate on Water Conversation in Kajiado County, Kenya. The aim is to encourage people to contribute to the sustainable management of this resource, which is polluted by waste.

Kajiado County in southwestern Kenya is announcing its new water resource management strategy. It is a green certificate that will be awarded to every community member who is active in water conservation. The document, designed by the Ngong Hills Mbagathi Water Users Association (WRUA), was unveiled on 22 March 2022, World Water Day.

In the East African country, water resources are under several types of pressure, including pollution from solid waste and sewage, as well as drought, a consequence of climate change.

The role of local communities in preserving water resources

For the Kajiado authorities, effective water conservation in the county will require the protection and rehabilitation of catchment areas. In particular, the community is urged to clean the rivers regularly and to rationalise the use of the scarce resource. “Water from the Enkong’u springs that serve the Kerarapon, Kibiko, Oloolua and Vet areas has diminished,” says Francis Ndung’u, the founder of WRUA.

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Kajiado residents were also urged to allocate budgetary funds to the county for the rehabilitation of water catchment areas at public participation forums, as well as for the protection of forests that play a vital role in the run-off, groundwater infiltration processes.

“The Green Certificate can be presented to the Kajiado County Assembly for policy formulation under the Statutory Instruments Act,” says Johnson Osoi, the chairman of the local assembly. Thus, anyone in possession of this document will be given preference when seeking employment or applying for any public service in Kajiado.

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