KENYA-GHANA: Redavia’s Covid-19 resilience lease benefits 4 companies

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KENYA-GHANA: Redavia's Covid-19 resilience lease benefits 4 companies©REDAVIA

The solar photovoltaic systems supplier Redavia has recently signed Covid-19 resilience leases with 4 companies in Kenya and Ghana. Redavia's unique arrangement will allow these companies to benefit from free solar energy for six months.

The Covid-19 resilience lease launched by Redavia in the context of the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus is already bearing fruit in Kenya and Ghana. The scheme will benefit four companies that will be powered by free solar energy provided by Redavia for at least six months. Among the beneficiaries of the Covid-19 resilience lease is Siginon Aviation, a ground handling company based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

According to Redavia, solar energy should support JKIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which advocates environmental conservation for current and future generations. “The partnership with Redavia comes at a time when the green agenda is a key business objective. This solar power solution gives Siginon Aviation the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment as a responsible corporate citizen,” said Edwin Ronoh, Siginon Group Chief Financial Officer.

Redavia has also signed a Covid-19 resilience lease with Wonder Feeds, a company based in Nakuru County, Kenya, which specializes in the production of animal feed. Prior to the health crisis that impacted Wonder Feeds, the company upgraded its equipment, which will now run on solar energy produced by a Redavia solar power plant.

Solar energy for a private university

The German company will also provide free solar energy for six months to Emigoh Ghana, a company specialising in the food industry. “After years of working to create a sustainable food supply chain, I am delighted to partner with Redavia which will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint in a cost effective manner,” said Stephen Eku, Chief Executive Officer of Emigoh Ghana.

The Methodist University College Ghana also benefits from the Covid-19 Resilience Lease. The Redavia solar power plant will help reduce the electricity bills of this private higher education institution. Redavia also estimates that its solar system will reduce the institution’s CO2 emissions.

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