KENYA: BasiGo and Advanced Mobility to launch sustainable transport training in 2023

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KENYA: BasiGo and Advanced Mobility to launch sustainable transport training in 2023© BasiGo

As part of its strategy to decarbonise Kenya's transport system, mobility start-up BasiGo will launch a green mobility training programme in 2023. The initiative in partnership with Advanced Mobility Africa will help reduce air pollution and unemployment.

Mobility start-up BasiGo recently announced its collaboration with commercial driver training centre Advanced Mobility Africa in Nairobi to launch a joint training programme from 2023. “Our programme will prepare professionals with all the tools to drive electric buses efficiently and sustainably,” says BasiGo.

This training targets, among others, road users, vehicle operators and drivers (taxis, mototaxis and trucks), logistics and safety professionals (firefighters, first aiders). Between theoretical and practical training on the motorways, the course will last three days for each cohort with a certification in the field of ecological mobility at the end.

 “The programme will include modules on the operation of an electric vehicle, the main safety systems and procedures, and eco-driving to maximise autonomy. The learning will also incorporate the use of real-time data from test drives to help drivers improve their performance,” says Jit Bhattacharya, BasiGo’s CEO.

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The start-up wants to democratise the use of electric vehicles across Kenya. It is in this context that the start-up recently concluded two partnerships, respectively with the Commercial Bank of Kenya (KCB) and Family Bank, based in Nairobi, with a view to facilitating the acquisition of electric buses. The agreements aim to provide BasiGo’s customers with a flexible financing option that includes covering 90% of the costs of their electric vehicle purchase transactions and a repayment period of up to 48 months. The initiative will also give them access to financing for transport-related insurance.

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