IVORY COAST: Water tower for 500,000 people in Abobo-avocatier

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CÔTE D’IVOIRE : un château d’eau pour 500 000 personnes à Abobo-avocatier©Wttanal/Shutterstock

The inhabitants of the Abobo-avocatier neighbourhood will have a water tower in the coming months. The Prime Minister of Ivory Coast laid the foundation stone for the facility on December 12, 2019. The water tower will supply at least 50% of the population of this municipality with drinking water, i.e. about 500,000 people. The project cost just over €8 million.

The construction of a water tower in the Abobo Avocatier area in Ivory Coast began on December 12, 2019, when Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly gave the go-ahead. The work was launched in the presence of the Ivorian minister in charge of Hydraulics, Laurent Tchagba, the Mayor of the municipality of Abobo Hamed Bakayoko and the Spanish Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Ricardo Lopez-Aranga.

The structure will supply 500,000 people, almost half the population of the municipality with drinking water. The work will be delivered within 16 months. According to the Minister of Hydraulics, Laurent Tchagba, the castle is built on a 30-metre tower and has a production capacity of 5,000 m³. All the works cost 5.25 billion CFA francs, almost 8 million euros.

A series of works to improve access to drinking water are also underway

In the city of Abidjan, the rate of access to drinking water is 65% and more than 60% of subscribers are not continuously served. As part of its policy on access to this precious liquid, the government plans to undertake work to improve drinking water supply in the municipality of Abobo. In addition to the construction of this castle in Abobo-Avocatier, the leaders’ agenda also includes the rehabilitation of another water tower with an equal capacity of 5,000 cubic metres in Abobo and the extension of networks and connections in the same municipality. These two projects will be delivered in six and 18 months respectively and will cost CFAF 14.6 billion, or 22 million euros.

All this work is being undertaken as part of the programme to convert debts into development projects between Ivory Coast and Spain for a total amount of CFAF 67.3 billion (102 million euros).

Luchelle Feukeng

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