IVORY COAST: The State will exploit the water of the Comoé river to supply 3 towns

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IVORY COAST: The State will exploit the water of the Comoé river to supply 3 towns©Amelia Martin/Shutterstock

In Ivory Coast, three new towns will benefit from the "12 towns project", namely Tanda, Sandégué, Kouassi-Datekro. The Ivorian government has recently launched the construction of facilities to improve the drinking water supply of the targeted populations.

On February 18th, 2021, the Ivorian Minister of Hydraulics launched the construction of drinking water supply systems in the cities of Tanda, Sandégué and Kouassi-Datekro in Ivory Coast. The ceremony was held in the presence of his Agriculture and Rural Development counterpart, Kobenan Kouassi Adjoumani.

The future drinking water installations will pump water from the Comoé River (which rises on the Sikasso Plateau in Burkina Faso, editor’s note) from Amapo-Kouassikro, a locality in the Zanzan district. The water will flow along the pipes of the towns of Tanda, Sandégué and Kouassi-Datekro, as well as those of the surrounding localities such as Kouassi-Bilékro, Kotronou, Nambo, Senondé, Outra, Komanbo, Néma, Bassapounou, Diamba and Téhui.

The new drinking water installations will be operational in two years. They will have a production capacity of 5,600 m3 per day. This will improve the water supply for 77,081 people currently and 110,213 people by 2033.

A project estimated at 20.54 million CFA francs

The construction of the drinking water supply system for the towns of Tanda, Sandégué and Kouassi-Datekro will cost 20.54 billion CFA francs (more than 31.31 million euros). The works are part of the “12 Cities Project” launched in Ivory Coast in September 2020. The latter is entirely financed by Exim Bank of China via a loan of 170.250 billion CFA francs (more than 259.5 million euros).

By 2033, the “12 Cities Project” should guarantee access to drinking water for 2.237 million inhabitants.

Inès Magoum


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