IVORY COAST: The government launches the rehabilitation of the Trepoint water tower

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IVORY COAST: The government launches the rehabilitation of the Trepoint water tower©Ivorian government

The Trepoint water tower, in the sub-division of Sassandra in the south of Ivory Coast, will be rehabilitated, barely six months after it was commissioned. According to the Ivorian authorities, the installation stopped working due to unspecified breakdowns.

The Trepoint water tower has barely been commissioned and is already at a standstill due to malfunctions. The problem caused the interruption of the drinking water supply in the village. It has caused the rehabilitation works launched a few days ago. The facility is located in the sub-prefecture of Sassandra, in the south of Ivory Coast.

The Trépoint water tower, made of reinforced concrete, has a capacity of 50 m3 per hour and is 10 m high. According to the Ivorian Ministry of Hydraulics, the installation serves 4,000 people in the villages of Arokpa, Kadrokpa and Lipoyo via several pipes. The project is being implemented by the Ivorian company ITA (Ingénierie et travaux Akoutrou), which also built the water tower. The rehabilitation of the facility is expected to be completed by the end of September 2021.

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Through the construction of this water tower, the government of Ivory Coast hopes to improve the water supply to the people of Trepoint and the surrounding villages. The project is part of the extensive “Water for All” programme underway in the West African country. The initiative launched in 2019 has already resulted in the construction of several drinking water facilities.

To date, 83% of Ivorians benefit from drinking water in urban areas compared to 73% in rural areas. According to the Ivorian authorities, the programme aims to achieve universal access to drinking water by 2030, notably through various projects, including the Maféré project. As part of this project, the Ivorian Minister of Hydraulics, Laurent Tchagba, launched the construction of a drinking water supply system in the South Comoé region in July 2021. The installation will provide 6,864 m3 of water per day to the populations of Maféré and surrounding villages (14).

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