IVORY COAST: Energy Efficiency Forum tackles much-neglected topic

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IVORY COAST: Energy Efficiency Forum tackles much-neglected topic©Mark Agnor/Shutterstock

On November 27, 2018, Abidjan will host the Ivorian Forum on Energy Efficiency FIEE and on opportunities related to energy management. It will raise awareness among public authorities and economic operators of the importance of energy efficiency as a tool to combat waste and reduce energy bills. The Abidjan Forum is part of the African meetings on energy efficiency.

On the 27th of November 2018, Abidjan will be the one-day energy efficiency hub. Energy experts from Africa, Europe and the United States will meet in the Ivorian economic capital to discuss about the energy efficiency and energy management in Ivory Coast. The objective will also be to present business opportunities in Ivory Coast and more generally in Africa to the 200 expected participants. The organisers of the forum have two main objectives. First, they want to “raise awareness, inform and explore opportunities related to energy management for the implementation of energy performance and improvement actions in Ivorian companies”. The forum will then provide participants with an opportunity to present “concrete tools for energy diagnosis, innovative solutions for financing energy efficiency investment”.

Plenary sessions will also be held on macroeconomic themes. These include “energy transition in Ivory Coast and its financing; energy efficiency in African cities and territories; and South-South collaboration in the energy field between Ivorian and Moroccan institutions”. The meeting will also be a platform for exchanges on energy efficiency in the industry and the optimisation of energy bills in cities, buildings and territories.

According to its organisers, the Abidjan meeting is part of “the organisation over the past three years of the African Energy Efficiency Meetings, the third edition of which was held in Casablanca in March 2018”.

The FIEE is organised by the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AIMEE), in partnership with the General Confederations of Enterprises of Ivory Coast (CGECI). Energy efficiency saves energy consumption while meeting demand. As a reminder, the three pillars of the IPCC’s recommendations to reduce greenhouse gases are: reducing global fossil fuel consumption, accelerating the deployment of low-carbon electrification and… improving energy efficiency. Without the latter, the scenarios for keeping the temperature increase below 1.5°C (and even below 2°C) are completely illusory.

Luchelle Feukeng

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