IVORY COAST: Coliba bets on kiosks for the collection of plastic waste

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IVORY COAST: Coliba bets on kiosks for the collection of plastic waste ©Coliba

The Ivorian start-up company Coliba has just announced the launch of a new service designed to improve the collection of plastic waste in the field. The new containerised kiosks will be gradually installed in the greater Abidjan area of Côte d'Ivoire.

Coliba is diversifying its waste collection resources. The young Ivorian company, which is betting on the circular economy around plastics, has announced the launch of containerised kiosks for the collection of plastic waste in Ivory Coast. The first one is installed in the Riviera 2 district in Abidjan. For GreenTec Capital Partner, Coliba’s financial partner, this operation offers an innovative and scalable solution that will increase the company’s social and environmental impact.

“After having recently been selected for the Growth Stage Impact Ventures (GSIV) initiative for Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), Coliba continues to make impressive progress and illustrates the successful combination of innovation, technology and impact that we like to see,” comments the German investment company.

The Coliba start-up is part of its “I sort I win” project, which enables people to exchange their plastic bottles for money via the Mobile money payment system. The start-up also has a mobile application and a messaging system to facilitate the collection of plastic waste. To report a pile of rubbish here or there, the user presses a button on the application. The user is then geolocated and the company sends one of its pre-collectors to collect the waste.

In exchange, the user receives points that can be converted into telephone credit, data for the Internet connection, vouchers, restaurant tickets, concert tickets or school kits “depending on the neighbourhood“. Coliba also works with several restaurants and hotels in the city of Abidjan where the company recovers waste.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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