Ivory Coast: 2,500 households connected to the drinking water network in Abobo

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Ivory Coast: 2,500 households connected to the drinking water network in Abobo © Ministry of Hydraulics-Sanitation-Ivory Coast

With 2,500 households connected to the drinking water network in the council of Abobo near Abidjan, the government of Ivory Coast is pursuing its ambition to achieve universal access to drinking water for its 28 million inhabitants by 2030.

In Ivory Coast, water supply is being reinforced in the Abobo commune in Abidjan. The 2,500 beneficiary households are from the Akeïkoi, Colatiers, Houphouët-Boigny, Agbékoi, Désert, Sogephia, Plaque 1 and 2, as well as Îles vertes and Grâces neighborhoods where the water supply was precarious until now. The initiative is part of the Improvement of the Technical and Financial Performance of the Drinking Water Sector (APTF) project implemented by the government of this West African country.

“These social connections will help disconnect residents from fraudulent water networks and connect them to the formal water network at a lower cost. Thus, the households concerned will pay the modest sum of 10,000 CFA francs (15 euros) against 167,500 CFA francs (253 euros) normally required for their subscription,” explains Bouaké Fofana, the Ivorian Minister of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

At a total cost of 182 billion CFA francs (276.5 million euros), the second phase of the ATPF project, which runs until 2023, should enable the installation of 800 kilometers of distribution network to bring an additional 30,000 m3 of water to Abidjan every day. During the first phase in 2021, the work carried out by Ivory Coast water distribution company (SODECI), the public utility company owned by the Ivorian government and the French group Bouygues, enabled the water supply of at least 3 million people from 105 sub-districts in the Ivorian economic capital to be reinforced.

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At the same time, the National Drinking Water Office (ONEP), in partnership with Arc Ingénierie, is accelerating the Abengourou drinking water supply project. This city in eastern Ivory Coast will benefit by 2024 from infrastructure capable of pumping, treating and distributing 22,000 m3 of water per day from the Comoé River. The work is financed to the tune of 25 billion CFA francs (about 38 million euros) via loans granted by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Saudi Fund for Development (SDF).

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