GUINEA: Orange to deploy its new “solar energy” service in rural areas

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GUINEA: Orange to deploy its new "solar energy" service in rural areas©Orange-et-ENGIE-voint-deployer

As part of its rural electrification programme in Africa, Orange-Guinea launched its "solar energy" service on June 29, 2018 in Doko (KanKan region, in the north of the country).

A solar energy supply is within reach of the populations of the Doko sub-prefecture. The same companies that organised themselves a year ago to combat environmental pollution in their mining towns now have a new way of moving towards more sustainable development. And above all, it allows them to be enlightened and entertained. It is a domestic solar system in the form of a kit, including a solar panel, a battery and accessories (light bulbs, kit for charging several phones, radios and/or a 24-inch television).

Several formulas exist to adapt to the pace of life of the populations: weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription. Monthly subscriptions start at 100,000 Guinean francs (GNF) or 9.52 euros. Payment is made via a service familiar to Guineans: Orange Money, which has the advantage of automatically granting the service for the desired duration. The customer does not need a guarantee or a bank account. Once the equipment is installed, maintenance and repairs are provided free of charge by Orange, Guinea.

Orange extends beyond telecommunications services

Orange Guinea, a subsidiary of the Sonatel group (owned by Orange), has been present in this West African country since November 2007 and has nearly 348 employees. “Orange wants to be much more than a telecom operator in Africa. It wants to be a provider of essential services to the public. The development of solutions that enable as many people as possible to access essential everyday goods such as sustainable energy is a strong message in this direction,” said Bruno Mettling, CEO of Orange in the Middle East and in Africa. “We think primarily of the children who will be able to do their homework in the evening, but also of the professionals who will gain in efficiency thanks to a more widely available energy for their activities. »

Guinea comes after Burkina Faso, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the latter country, as is currently the case in Guinea, Orange is deploying its solar energy service with the same partner: BBOXX. It is a company specialised in the supply and digital management of off-grid solar energy. Since 2010, the UK-based company financed by a venture capital fund has supplied more than 500,000 off-grid people in 35 countries around the world with electricity.

Boris Ngounou


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