GUINEA: €50 million from AFD for the Baritodé landfill

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GUINEA: €50 million from AFD for the Baritodé landfill©Guinean Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Planning

The French Development Agency (AFD) is providing €50 million in financing to the Republic of Guinea. The loan will be used to build a solid waste landfill in Baritodé, in the rural council of Kouria.

To meet the challenge of insalubrity in Guinea, the government plans to build a new solid waste landfill center (CET). The future facility will be located on a 100-hectare site in Baritodé, in the rural council of Kouria, about 50 km from the capital Conakry.

The Guinean government will finance the work with a 50 million euro loan from the French Development Agency (AFD). The agreement for this financing was signed on July 25, 2022. “This project is a structural and sustainable response to the recurrent sanitation problem in the city of Conakry, given that the large open-air landfill in the mine is saturated and overflowing,” said the Guinean Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Planning.

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As part of this project, the European Union (EU) has also promised a grant of 20 million euros. The Guinean Minister of the Economy, Finance and Planning, Lancine Condé, has entrusted the construction of the future solid waste treatment center (CET) in Baritodé to the National Agency for Sanitation and Public Health (ANASP).

The future landfill will use solid waste sorting. In the long term, the Guinean authorities plan to set up a system to recycle this waste into biogas, electricity and fertilizer. Sustainable solutions that create wealth and jobs for Guineans.

Inès Magoum

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