GUINEA: a call for tenders for water management equipment in Conakry

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GUINEA: a call for tenders for water management equipment in Conakry ©Bolbik/Shutterstock

The Guinean government is looking for service providers to supply equipment for the operation and repair of drinking water networks under the World Bank-funded Guinea Urban Water Project (UWWP). The deadline for bidders for this international tender is May 6, 2022.

The Société des Eaux de Guinée (SEG) is launching a call for tenders for the Guinea Urban Water Project (PUEG). The call for expressions of interest is for the supply of equipment for the operation and repair of water networks. The utility plans to acquire 12,500 meters for the non-equipped connections and hydraulic areas, as well as customer management software.

Interested companies have until May 6, 2022 to apply. The selected company will also provide technical assistance, in particular for the implementation of the Project for the Improvement of Technical and Commercial Criteria (PACT) and reporting in SEG’s commercial agencies based in the communes of Kaloum, Matam, Dixinn, Ratoma and Wanindara.

Strengthening the drinking water distribution network

The Guinea Urban Water Project (PUEG) aims to increase access to improved water and sanitation services in the capital city of Conakry and strengthen the operational performance of the Société des Eaux de Guinée (SEG). The initiative launched in 2020 is financed by the World Bank through its subsidiary IDA (International Development Association) to the tune of $30 million (269 billion Guinean francs). Scheduled to run for five years, the project targets 730,000 people in the Conakry region and a few surrounding towns, including Coyah, Dubreka, and Forécariah.

In Conakry, the PUEG focuses on the rehabilitation of the Kakoulima catchment points, through the development of the water intake structures, the replacement of the raw water transport pipe (9 km) of the Kitema catchment point and the renewal of the section of the grey cast iron treated water pipe between PK43 and Dabompa Forêt In order to improve the supply of water to households in the city, SEG plans to lay 18 km of distribution pipes to eliminate pirate networks, as well as to rehabilitate 8 km of obsolete pipes in the communes of Matam and Kaloum.

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This work will allow for the creation of 5,000 new connections, as well as the installation of 20 standpipes. The PUEG should also create favorable conditions for the implementation of works to reduce the technical and commercial losses of the SEG. In terms of sanitation, the project focuses on the implementation of a master plan for Greater Conakry to improve the management of rainwater, wastewater and sludge. A component of the PUEG is also devoted to strengthening the operational capacities of the SEG.

For more information on the tender, click here.

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