Green Solutions Awards 2019: Hot climates in focus

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Our partner, Construction 21, has launched the Green Solutions Awards. The "Energy and Hot Climates" category may be of interest to our readers. Note: Registration will close on June 17, 2019.

Will building successfully in hot or tropical climates be the challenge in the coming years to keep the global warming curve below 1.5°C? All indications are that this is the case, since these climatic conditions are the majority on Earth. Beyond that, tropical or desert areas are also those with high population growth and significant economic development. Major issues that could shape the climate future of our planet. Building properly in a warm climate is therefore essential, as is sharing sustainable solutions that limit the use of mechanical air conditioning.

With the Energy and Hot Climates category of the Green Solutions Awards, a jury of experts will reward the most exemplary buildings built in hot climates. Last year, the South Wildlife Media Libraryin Reunion Island won the International Hot Energy and Climate Award.

Have you realised a building with good energy and environmental performance in a hot or tropical climate? Publish a case study to share your expertise. You may be one of the French champions or even one of the international winners!

In collaboration with ADEME, Construction21wishes to highlight stakeholders and innovative initiatives. For this edition of the Green Solutions Awards, particular care will be taken to disseminate and share even more widely good construction practises in hot climates. This is reflected in a dossier planned for the start of the September school year and increased ambitions in terms of the number of case studies expected. Projects from Mexico, Cameroon or the French overseas departments and territories are already in the canals.

As with all construction sectors, sustainable solutions exist in hot and tropical climates and the use of mechanical ventilation elements is not inevitable. Engineers, earth construction specialists, architects or project managers do not hesitate to submit case studies for this 7th edition of the Green Solutions Awards!

Registration until June 17 – To know more about it

About the Green Solutions Awards: The Green Solutions Awards are an exceptional opportunity to gain visibility, in France and abroad. A case study of a building, districtor infrastructurepublished on a platform is then translated into English, Chinese, Spanish… A pamphlet will introduce the winners and the international Grand Prizes will each be offered a video broadcast on the web and social networks. The 2018 edition generated 4.1 million views worldwide.


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