GHANA: The “1 million garbage cans” initiative for efficient waste collection

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GHANA: The "1 million garbage cans" initiative for efficient waste collection ©Zoomlion Ghana

A new campaign has been launched in Ghana. Called "1 million dustbins", the initiative of Zoomlion, the subsidiary of the Jospong Group, aims to make Ghanaian households responsible for the efficient collection of solid waste.

In Ghana, Zoomlion wants to improve solid waste management. After acquiring new equipment a few weeks ago, the subsidiary of the Jospong Group, which is in charge of public waste management in several Ghanaian cities, aims to popularize the use of adapted garbage cans in households.

The company hopes to achieve this through the “1 million garbage cans” campaign launched on November 30th, 2021 in Ghana. The goal is to educate Ghanaian households on safe solid waste disposal in order to facilitate the work of collectors on the ground.

Investment in awareness

According to Zoomlion, the delivery of the garbage cans is done 48 hours after receiving the order. All a household has to do is dial *857# or contact the company via its app. To cover all Ghanaian households, nearly 32 million garbage bins are needed. With an estimated population of more than 31.7 million, Ghana produces more than 7, 5 million metric tons of waste per year.

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The “1 Million Bins” campaign comes as a similar project is underway in Ghana. The initiative by Zoomlion and Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) also aims to improve waste management in the country. The two partners are planning special campaigns at toll booths, promoting the use of waste garbage cans, raising awareness within faith-based organizations, and using various forms of advertising and publications on a daily basis.

Zoomlion and GCGL already have about 100 sanitation clubs in primary and secondary schools that regularly campaign against poor solid waste management practices in Ghana. This other project will last 12 months.

Inès Magoum

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