GHANA: Mana and Cargo join forces to tackle the EV market

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GHANA: Mana and Cargo join forces to tackle the EV market ©Mana Mobility

In Ghana, e-mobility start-up Cargo Bikes Africa has signed a $20 million (269.7 billion Ghanaian cedis) agreement with German-Ghanaian company Mana Mobility for the production and marketing of electric vehicles. This partnership aims to develop sustainable transport on the African continent.

It is a merger that aims at the take-off of ecological mobility in Ghana. The German-Ghanaian company Mana Mobility is partnering with the start-up Cargo BikesAfrica, which deploys electric bicycles for deliveries and daily commuting in the city of Accra.

With a joint capital of $20 million (269.7 billion Ghanaian cedis), the two companies plan to locally manufacture electric bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles and buses in the Ghanaian capital. The agreement also covers the establishment of a technology platform “that connects drivers, passengers and cargo in an accessible, inclusive and multi-modal way,” says the new entity led by Valerie Labi, the co-founder of Cargo Bikes Africa.

 “With Cargo Bikes Africa, we will create a pathway for people to access affordable, clean energy transportation solutions. This will reduce barriers to opportunity and improve mobility as a service in emerging markets,” says Peter Schwarzenbauer, CEO of Mana Mobility.

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The government of Ghana is encouraging the private sector to invest in electric mobility to reduce unemployment and air pollution in the West African country. It is in this context that the French oil group TotalEnergies installed in September 2022 a 22 kilowatt electric car charging station at its Liberation Road service station in Accra. This eco-friendly initiative will be extended to other cities in the region over the next few years.

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