GHANA: Jumeni start-up launches waste management application

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GHANA: Jumeni start-up launches waste management application©VladanRadulovicjhb/Shutterstock

The Ghanaian start-up Jumeni Technologies has recently launched an application. Named "Jumeni" as the founding company, the platform facilitates the work of waste collection company agents.

There is a new development in the waste sector in Ghana. The start-up Jumeni Technologies has just launched an application called ” Jumeni “. Compatible with all smartphones, the application is intended for collection agents of companies specialised in waste management.

Once on the street, the platform user can quickly communicate with the base to get information on his itinerary, for example. With households, the application facilitates the payment of the waste-collection company’s services through a bank card or “mobile banking”, an online banking service accessible to all mobile phone users in Ghana.

At the waste-collection company level, the application provides a clear picture of the collection agent’s performance on the field, the evolution of his/her work, or the emptying of waste bins. “We believe that software has a role to play in preserving our environment,” said Eyram Amedzor, President and CEO of Jumeni Technologies.

The Ghanaian government wants to integrate digital technology into waste management. For example, in partnership with the World Bank, it launched the “Sanitation Hackathon” competition to select the best mobile application that could improve waste management in Ghana. The new Jumeni application could give a serious boost to the government’s project and become a serious candidate for the competition.

Jumeni’s vision

“The waste sector is one of the most important industries, but it has experienced little technological progress. Waste management is complex. People, processes and technology should be brought together in a transparent way for companies to effectively optimise their productivity, customer service and revenue. That’s why we have designed a complete platform to specifically meet the needs of waste management companies,” explains Eyram Amedzor.


Launched only in 2018, the start-up company tested its application by offering its service to companies operating in Kaneshie and Tema, two municipalities located in the Greater Accra region. Many other companies that manage waste in major Ghanaian cities such as Kumasi or Takoradi have yet to be convinced. The start-up could work with the company Zoomlion, which is multiplying waste collection and recycling strategies. Like any start-up, Jumeni Technologies dreams of expansion, specifically targeted at Nigeria and Kenya.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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