GABON: Repair work on the Franceville water tower has begun

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The renovation work on the Franceville water tower was recently launched by the Gabonese minister responsible for Equipment, Infrastructure and Public Works, Justin Ndoundangoye. They will allow the tower to store 4,300 m³ of water per day. The current production capacity of the tower is estimated at 3,000 m³.

The construction site for a water tower in Franceville, Gabon, has been launched. The opening ceremony was held at the end of October 2019 by the Minister responsible for Equipment, Infrastructure and Public Works, Justin Ndoundangoye. The facility will provide drinking water to some 24,000 people in the second district of Franceville, with a total estimated storage capacity of 4300 m³. According to the Deputy Director General of the Gabon Energy and Water Company (SEEG) quoted by the Pan-African News Agency, “this work consists of setting up a sectoral suppressor that will back up water in existing pipes”.

This project is being implemented through collaboration between the Gabonese State and the SEEG. The overall cost of the work is estimated at CFAF 700 million, or just over one million euros. The work is being carried out as part of the Gabonese Programme for the supply of water, electricity, street lighting and asphalting of certain roads. In recent months, the populations of Franceville have been facing constant water shortages. The city has a water tower that currently produces 3,000 cubic metre of water per day.

In its national strategy, Gabon aims to increase the rate of access to drinking water from 45 to 95 per cent in urban areas and to 85 per cent in rural areas. To achieve these objectives, the country benefited from financial support from the African Development Bank (AfDB), which financed a US$ 75.4 million project to renew Libreville’s drinking water supply network.

Last October, the water and energy company of Gabon faced strikes orchestrated by the employees, which included demands for the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) to fully regularise the situation of retired employees, the audit of the accounts for the requisitioning and payment of the performance bonus period and clarification of the results for the 2018-2019 financial year.

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