GABON: Mindoubé landfill to be rehabilitated for urban waste recycling

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GABON: Mindoubé landfill to be rehabilitated for urban waste recyclingGabonese ©Ministry of Water and Forests

On the sidelines of the first One Forest Summit, which closed on 2 March 2023 in Libreville, the Gabonese and French authorities concluded an agreement for the rehabilitation of the Mindoubé landfill. The initiative, which aims at sustainable waste management, will enhance the attractiveness of the Gabonese capital.

In Gabon, the Mindoubé landfill site located 6 kilometres from Libreville has been saturated for several years. Faced with this situation, which is damaging the health of the population and the mangroves in the Gabonese capital, the authorities of this Central African country will benefit from technical and financial support from the French government for the rehabilitation of this site.

The agreement was signed recently between Nicole Janine Roboty-Mbou, Gabon’s Minister of the Economy and Recovery, and her French counterpart in charge of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion. According to Christophe Béchu, the 30 million euro initiative will enable the Mindoubé landfill to be transformed into a waste sorting and treatment centre in accordance with international environmental standards.

“All the studies have been completed. We must now move on to its implementation to prevent the landfill from continuing to pollute and redevelop it as a sort of park,” explains Yannick Sonnet, Gabon’s High Commissioner for the Environment and the Living Environment. While the Mindoubé landfill stores nearly 700 tonnes (per day, per month? per year?) of waste, i.e. 80% of Gabon’s household waste, its future rehabilitation should contribute to the development of the circular economy, with training and job creation for young people in the recycling sector.

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Gabon is determined to make its cities more attractive. To achieve this, the Gabonese authorities are focusing on sanitation. In this context, the public company Clean Africa received 46 new pieces of equipment in early 2023 to improve waste management in the municipalities of Oweno, Akanda and Ntoum, which make up Greater Libreville. This includes 10 ampiroll trucks, six tippers and 30 refuse trucks.

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