GABON: Challenge Startupper, recycling and energy projects win

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GABON: Challenge Startupper, recycling and energy projects win©Biochar

The winners of the 2022 edition of Challenge Startupper in Gabon are known. They are three start-ups specialized in waste recovery and solar energy production. The start-ups have each received 15 million CFA francs (about 23,000 euros) from TotalEnergies, which initiated the competition.

Redavac, Solar System and Services and Biochar are the three winning start-ups of the third edition of the Challenge Startupper organized in Gabon by the French oil company TotalEnergies. The young companies specialized in waste recycling and solar energy productions were selected after a national competition, which saw the participation of 15 green start-ups.

A financial endowment of 45 million CFA francs

The competition lasted about five months. The winning start-ups, seeking funding, each received an envelope of 15 million CFA francs (nearly 23,000 euros) from TotalEnergies, a total amount of 45 million CFA francs (over 68,600 euros). The company will accompany its grants with media visibility and personalized coaching. “The young Gabonese entrepreneurs we support are aged 18 to 35 with projects that have a positive impact on the community and the planet,” says TotalEnergies.

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The start-up Redavac, which recycles plastic waste into paving stones and cinder blocks, won the “business creation project prize”. The nugget was founded by Paul Agbo Alougui Lavoula. Also in the waste sector, Julia Nyama Boussougou, the founder of the start-up Biochar, won the “best female entrepreneur” award. She valorises household and biodegradable waste into coal for cooking. The secondary raw material can also be used in agriculture.

The last category entitled, “Start-up award for less than three years old” was awarded to Solar System and Services. Founded by Chrystopher Secky Moukongho, the start-up produces solar energy to power households and drinking water supplies in vulnerable areas of the Central African country.

The funding provided by TotalEnergies will allow Gabonese green start-ups to strengthen and expand their activities. The competition, which is ending in Gabon, also took place in 31 other African countries.

Inès Magoum

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