EGYPT: Tagaddod to recycle SIG’s used beverage and food cartons

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EGYPT: Tagaddod to recycle SIG's used beverage and food cartons©SIG

Swiss packaging solutions provider SIG is teaming up with Egyptian company Tagaddod to recycle its used beverage and food cartons in Egypt. The partnership started on 4 October 2022.

The partnership between SIG and Tagaddod is being implemented through the “recycle for good” project. The initiative launched on 4 October 2022 aims to collect and recycle used SIG-branded beverage and food cartons in Egypt. The packaging solutions provider based in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, wants to use this initiative to support the transition to a circular economy in the North African country. “Currently in Egypt, barely 60% of the waste produced per year is collected, and less than 20% of it is properly disposed of or recycled,” says SIG.

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Egypt produces an average of 95 million tonnes of waste each year. SIG is drawing on the expertise of Tagaddod, an Egyptian energy and waste management company, to reduce its environmental impact in the country. Under the “recycle for good” partnership, waste is provided by households and the catering sector in exchange for a reward. Consumers use a Tagaddod mobile app to organise the collection.

The collected used cartons will be transported through Tagaddod’s logistics network to a factory where they are pulped. Separated from other products, the pulp is used to make new paper-based products (packaging) and the extruded or moulded plastic components to form other products such as boards, pallets, furniture, desks and tiles for construction.

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SIG joins other companies such as Nestlé, which wants to reduce its environmental impact in Egypt. After the land of the pharaohs, Swiss packaging supplier SIG aims to sign partnerships with several other local companies in Africa to strengthen the collection and recycling of its used beverage and food cartons.

Inès Magoum

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