EGYPT: Solariz to supply solar energy to Electrolux factories in Cairo

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EGYPT: Solariz to supply solar power to Electrolux factories in Cairo© zhangyang13576997233/Shutterstock

Swedish home appliances manufacturer Electrolux is entering into a multi-year partnership with SolarizEgypt. The solar photovoltaic energy provider will install power plants to supply Electrolux's factories in the Cairo governorate of Egypt.

Electrolux is going green. And what better way to achieve its goals than with solar energy. The appliance manufacturer has entered into a 25-year partnership with SolarizEgypt, a solar energy provider based in Cairo, Egypt. The partnership covers solar power generation in three phases. The first phase is the installation of 1.5 MWp of which 1 MWp will be used to power the Delta factory for the manufacture of refrigerators and washing machines in the governorate of Cairo.

The solar power plant will occupy an area of 11,850 m2 in the Delta plant and will be capable of supplying 1,680 MWh of clean electricity per year. According to Electrolux, the plant will be able to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 1,136 metric tons per year. The other part, a capacity of 500 kWp, will power the stove manufacturing unit. The solar power plant will occupy a space of 6,500 m2 with an estimated annual production of 1,680 MWh.

Decarbonisation of Electrolux factories

The plant is expected to save Electrolux Egypt’s stove factory 588 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. This is an important step for Electrolux as it aims to be carbon neutral in the manufacture of its domestic and professional equipment by 2030. The agreement with SolarizEgypt “complements our company’s efforts in the transition to more sustainable facilities. Thus, building solar power plants for clean and renewable energy is an appropriate solution to achieve our goal,” says Maysam El Hennawy, Electrolux Egypt’s managing director.

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The agreement between the two companies also includes the installation of additional solar power plants with a combined capacity of 3 MWp. “As part of this agreement, Electrolux will continue to support Egypt’s Vision 2030, which promotes the use of renewable energy sources, and environmental sustainability measures. Despite the high initial costs of investing in solar power plants, the government is expected to subsidise them in the future, and this will reduce the company’s consumption by about 17%,” adds Maysam El Hennawy.

For all the solar power plants, SolarizEgypt will finance, install and operate the future plants. The solar energy provider will sell its production to Electrolux for 25 years under a power purchase agreement (PPA).

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