EGYPT: ReNergy to incinerate solid waste to generate electricity in Giza

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EGYPT: ReNergy to incinerate solid waste to generate electricity in Giza ©Egyptian Ministry of Environment

Energy services provider ReNergy Group Partners will convert solid waste in the Giza governorate into electricity through incineration. An agreement was recently signed between the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production, ReNergy Group Partners, the Egyptian Ministries of Local Development, Environment and the Giza Governorate for the allocation of the land to host the future plant.

The Giza Governorate will be the focus of a solid waste management and energy recovery initiative. The project will be implemented by ReNergy Group Partners, a renewable energy provider based in Coimbatore, India. The company will recover heat from the incineration of waste to generate electricity.

These activities will be carried out at a plant located in the municipality of Abu Rawach. The Egyptian Ministry of Local Development will allocate land in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding signed on September 9th, 2021 between the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, the Giza Governorate and the alliance of the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production and ReNergy Group Partners.

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The project will recover approximately 1,200 tonnes of solid waste per day. The Giza Governorate will supply the waste. This project “will contribute to the elimination of large amounts of waste, especially in this governorate where it is difficult to provide land to create treatment and recycling plants,” explains Mahmoud Sharawi, the Egyptian Minister of Local Development. The ministry will monitor all stages of the project, from implementation to commercial operation of the plant, which will be connected to Egypt’s national electricity grid.

The solid waste-to-energy project launched in Giza is the first step in a larger programme. The initiative will lead to the signing of partnerships with eight private Egyptian companies specialising in the energy recovery of solid waste. Through this programme, the Egyptian government aims to reduce solid and sanitary waste pollution by 50% by 2030, also through the gradual adoption of the circular economy.

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