EGYPT: Lafarge Holcim collects plastic waste on Egyptian beaches

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EGYPT: Lafarge Holcim collects plastic waste on Egyptian beaches. ©Lafarge Egypt

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, Lafarge Egypt, a member of the Holcim Group, is pursuing its environmental strategy by cleaning one of the beaches of Kafr El Sheikh in Baltim. The objective is to collect 20,000 plastic bottles thanks to the voluntary work of 500 young people.

The Egyptian government, the private sector and civil society sometimes work hand in hand to achieve sustainable solutions. The governorate of Kafr El Sheikh chose to work with Lafarge Egypt and local volunteers to clean up a square kilometre of beach in Baltim, on Egypt’s northern coast. At the end of the collection session, the Holcim subsidiary will organize an awareness session for participants to start a strong social movement on social and environmental responsibility. Downstream, Plastic Bank will be the company responsible for recycling the bottles.

This will be the first collective effort between Lafarge and the governorate, but not the last. Other programmes are already planned throughout Egypt. This move will contribute to the 14 Sustainable Development Goals and to the achievement of Egypt’s vision for 2030. Solomon Aviles, CEO of Lafarge Egypt says: “We are committed to achieving measurable, science-based biodiversity and water quality targets by 2030 to continue to be a top 1% global Fortune 500 company, creating progress for people and the planet.

Lafarge Egypt, a member of the Holcim Group, is a player in the building materials industry in North Africa. With its cement plant in Ain Soukhna, the company had already decided to go green by powering its equipment with alternative fuel from waste processing in eastern Egypt from 2019.

Habib Tizi

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