EGYPT: EnviroTaqa joins forces with Renergon International for biogas projects

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EGYPT: EnviroTaqa joins forces with Renergon International for biogas projects©Renergon International AG

The Egyptian company EnviroTaqa for Sustainable Environmental Services & Renewable Energy has just signed a partnership with the Swiss company Renergon International AG. EnviroTaqa is due to duplicate Renergon's biogas production technology in Egypt.

EnviroTaqa for Sustainable Environmental Services & Renewable Energy becomes the first Egyptian company to be licensed to produce biogas from dry fermentation technology. This is the main outcome of a partnership agreement that the company has just signed with Renergon International AG. The Swiss-based company is developing dry fermentation technology.

Its technology combines natural and industrial processes for the fermentation of organic materials. It should help EnviroTaqa in its strategy to develop the biogas sector in Egypt. Through the partnership recently signed with Renergon, the Egyptian company will obtain turnkey solutions to transform organic waste into renewable energy to produce biogas and electricity as well as organic fertilisers using dry fermentation technology.

Generating electricity from biogas

“The Renergon-EnviroTaqa partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies who recognise the need for an integrated solution approach to advance the deployment of biogas plants in Egypt,” says Karl-Heinz Restle, Renergon’s CEO.

According to EnviroTaqa, the partnership sets the tone for cooperation between the two companies and includes several areas of collaboration, including the creation and development of biogas plants of various capacities ranging from 50 kW to 5 MW, as well as the use of advanced dry fermentation technology in biomass. This collaboration should support EnviroTaqa’s ambitions.

The company plans to build and operate several biogas power plants in Egypt with a total capacity of 10 MW by 2025. In the long term, the company wants to extend this production capacity to 50 MW, thus becoming one of the leaders in the biogas sector in Egypt.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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