EGYPT: Elsewedy wins the contract for the Houd Negaih wastewater treatment plant

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EGYPT: Elsewedy wins the contract for the Houd Negaih wastewater treatment plant © brenofortes/Shutterstock

The Egyptian company Elsewedy Electric has just been chosen by the Egyptian authorities to build the Houd Negaih wastewater treatment plant. The plant will treat waste water from the governorate of Al Sharkia in the north-east of Egypt.

Good news for Elsewedy Electric. The Cairo-based company will build the Houd Negaih wastewater treatment plant according to an agreement recently signed between its director Medhat Maher and Sherief Fares, the head of the local public company Sharkia Water & Wastewater Company. The contract provides for the turnkey construction of a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 6,000 m3 per day.

Elsewedy Electric has 2 years to build the plant with an investment of 126 million Egyptian pounds (over 8 million dollars). The new facility is part of the Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Programme (SRSSP), which aims to strengthen institutions and policies to increase access and improve rural sanitation services in selected governorates in Egypt.

Through this programme, the Egyptian government aims to improve access to sanitation services in 769 villages in seven governorates that discharge untreated wastewater into the Al Salam canal, with an investment of $2.8 billion. In addition to Al Sharkia, where the Houd Negaih wastewater treatment plant will be built, the SRSSP programme is being implemented in the governorates of Beheira and Dakahliya.

The other objective of the programme is to improve the operational systems and practices of water and sanitation utilities. The SRSSP is supported by the World Bank through a $550 million loan. The sanitation programme is also financed to the tune of US$300 million by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) owned by the People’s Republic of China.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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