EGYPT: Elsewedy and Wolong to set up an electric motor factory

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EGYPT: Elsewedy and Wolong to set up an electric motor factory ©ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC

Elsewedy Electric, the Egyptian energy solutions provider, has signed an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer Wolong Electric to build a service center and commercialize electric motors in Egypt. The project, which aims to improve the quality of electrical services and products, will strengthen the sustainable mobility sector in the country of the pharaohs.

In Egypt, energy solutions provider Elsewedy Electric will build a center for electric motors at the request of Chinese manufacturer Wolong Electric. The facility will be equipped with a test bench that can test motors up to 10 MW and 15 kV. Elsewedy Electric will also install a medium-voltage coil insulation system to improve the quality of electrical products used in industries, home appliances and electric vehicles.

 “We currently have 10 manufacturing plants including Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania, where we develop low voltage (690 V) motors used in light industries, water distribution stations and medium voltage (15 kV) motors used in power generation and giant water pumping stations,” explains Abdel Rahman Elsewedy, the Egyptian multinational’s strategy and development manager.

Founded in 1938, Elsewedy employs 15,000 people in the manufacture and sale of energy products and services, including cables and transformers for renewable energy production.

Support for the automotive industry

According to Wolong’s Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, the partnership with Elsewedy aims to provide high-efficiency electric motors that meet international standards while promoting the export of electrical accessories for the expansion of a sustainable automotive industry. “Wolong Electric will supply motors of different brands such as ATB, Brook Crompton, Schorch and Laurence Scott,” announces Marco Veeckman.

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According to the World Bank, most of the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) adopted by African countries like Egypt rely on the transport sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is in this perspective that the Chinese car manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corporation and El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company are currently working on the assembly of electric cars “Nasr E70” whose first range will be put on the road by June 2022. This investment encouraged by the government will help develop the sustainable mobility sector.

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