ECOAFRIBUILD 2018, the green and sustainable building exhibition

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EcoAfribuild is an exhibition of energy and resource-efficient and more generally environmentally friendly products and services for buildings and construction.

EcoAfribuild offers industry players a platform to showcase the latest innovations in sustainable products and services that help the building and construction sectors become more environmentally friendly.

With exhibitors presenting solutions in energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmentally friendly building design, EcoAfribuild helps open the doors to a greener future.

High-level presentations and information seminars cover topics such as building design and products that reduce thermal loads, maximise natural light and promote fresh air circulation, as well as the use of energy-efficient air conditioning and lighting. In line with the emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, the main themes are the reduction of waste and recycled materials, water-saving plumbing fittings, water collection and the use of renewable energy sources.

The sectors represented at EcoAfribuild

Renewable energies and micro-cogeneration
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly building materials
Building structures, systems and affordable housing products
Reinforcements, bricks, cement, concrete, concrete.
Doors, roof and cladding
Paving, tiling, flooring, painting and fittings
Windows, glass and insulation
Energy-efficient air conditioning and lighting
Plumbing, sanitary and water-saving fittings
Water management, efficiency and recovery
Waste reduction and recycling
Building Services and Management

EcoAfribuild visitors

Directors General
Architects, surveyors, land surveyors, land surveyors and draughtsmen.
Buyers and specifiers
Building contractors and subcontractors
Building Inspectors and Supervisors
Contractors, supervisors and artisans
Building material dealers
Interior Decorators and Landscape Architects/Landscape Designers
Real estate developers and urban planners
Government Officials
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

For more information : EcoAfribuild


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